GREAT SELLER! Fast Shipping, will ABSOLUTELY use again. Thank you!!!
Jason Wolfe


Excellent communication, customer service, ** deal with confidence**
Michael A. Viens

I purchased a Air Force Retirement coin from Dirigo Coins for my husband's retirement. The coin is OUTSTANDING!! I had a difficult time getting it engraved locally and contact Dirigo Coins for assistance. They were more than willing to help and engraved the coin for me!! Dirigo Coins (Jerry) did an EXCELLENT job engraving the coin. He has been extremely helpful in the entire process. Needless to say the coin was a HIT at the retirement party. Dirigo Coins is now a new addition of the retirement process for the 122nd Air National Guard Fire Department in Fort Wayne, Indiana. After the party, my husband asked me to order him three more coins to present to our sons, in which two are also with the Fire Department. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DirigoCoins!!!
Jan Scher Huntington, Indiana

Great item, great price, quick shipment!!

Nice purchase, accurately represented, excellent vendor.
James Jacobs

Beautiful coin and VERY helpful!! Highly recommend!!

WOW! GREAT product, beautifully done! A huge value! Thanks!
Lon G. Adams

We are very pleased with the "Awarded for Excellence" coins we received from Dirigo Coins/Jerry Erbes. In comparison to other coins we've seen, no one comes close to the level of quality and detail Jerry places in the design of his coins. He is quickly being recognized as the "go-to-guy" within our force for high quality coins at competitive prices! Thank you!
Leslie Obudho & Steve Freeland

We were overwhelmed when we opened the box and saw the coins you made for us for our Palmetto Patriots Ball. It was absolutely gorgeous. I can't imagine a more beautiful meaningful reminder for our guests to take home from our event. Thank you for all you help and especially for your patience.
Ann Ricard, Midlands Chapter, Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc.

I am very pleased with my purchase; the delivery was quick. I found the quality of the items to be much better that expected and I will buy from you again. Thank you.
Mario Piano

Absolutely fantastic, great job and a real fun pleasure doing business!!!
C.E. Stanley

Near the end of my Operation Iraqi Freedom deployment as an aviation brigade flight surgeon, I realized that a challenge coin would be a great way to recognize the efforts of the dedicated soldiers of Task Force 34, with whom I was privileged to work. Of course I waited until the last month of the deployment to design my coin, but was fortunate to find you, just a stone's throw from my hometown in downeast Maine. You were able to email me a PDF copy of the finished coin after receiving my initial design ideas, and the finished coins arrived by mail only two weeks or so later, just in time for me to hand many of them out as I left for home.

I am very pleased by the appearance of this coin, which I think is superior to most that I have seen, at a very reasonable price. Thanks again for your dedicated efforts and support of the deployed military.

COL Richard G Hines
Task Force 34 Surgeon
Joint Base Balad, Iraq

I have a set of 6 Crystal Double Old Fashioned glasses engraved for my boyfriend as CPO pinning ceremony gifts. And they look AWESOME!!!! I was impressed with the quality of the cups and the great workmanship. Jerry provided me with a lot of help and the design he came up with was great. EXCELLENT customer service, FAST delivery, and QUALITY products. Deal with confidence.

Rina Aguilar
NAS Jacksonville, FL

Jerry- you responded to our glass request with a can-do attitude. We are grateful for the speed, quality that you delivered to our Khaki ball glasses. Without your assistance it would not have been possible. Our mess will definitely use you again when the need arises.


Chief Petty Officers Mess

Jerry not only provides top notch product but the best customer service I have ever encountered. All I had to do was ask and he would find a way to get my projects done, he can do anything. He earns loyalty as well as shows it. He has my business for life.

OSCS(EXW) Paul Bruders

I have just received my order of 100 coins for the Anti-Bully Task Force, Inc. I have to tell you Jerry, these coins are absolutely magnificent!!! The workmanship far exceeded my expectations! The detail and colors are superb. I have ordered buttons, pins and other give-away items over the past 35 years and these coins are by far the best I have ever seen. Are you sure you don't work for the U.S. Mint? >grin<. And the price, I don't know how you do it and maintain this kind of quality. I am so proud of them! Your help in the design aspect really brought the insignia to life. I can't wait to give them out to my special contributors, I am sure they will be equally as impressed as I am. You are a Master Craftsman in my book Jerry! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I will definitely be putting together another order, this time for lapel pins.

With gratitude for an outstanding job!!


O. Steven Fredericksen
Founder and Director
Anti-Bully Task Force, Inc.

My son was one of seven Class of 2009 Air Force Academy Cadets who graduated in the off-cycle December graduation. Just a few days prior to graduation I ran across your site and thought, "If I'd only seen this earlier I could have had some coins made for him and his friend." When I emailed you explaining the situation I fully expected you to say that there just wasn't enough time, but to my surprise you jumped on it immediately and I received the coins the day before I had to fly to Colorado Springs for the ceremony. The special coins with the "Class of 2009.5" inscription were quite a hit with Lieutenant Barber and Lieutenant Liptak. Thanks again for the special attention!

Steve Liptak

My son will be graduation in May of this year from the U.S. Naval Academy. We never expected the overwhelming response from family members and friends who will be joining us for this very special day. I was looking for a special memento that we could give to each of our guests. I had toyed with the idea of creating and designing a coin but found that set up fees and minimum order requirements would put the cost beyond practicality. Fortunately, my search led me to Dirigo Coins. I found the exact coin I needed and it was engravable! Perfect! I received an almost instant response to my initial inquiry and I had my coins (30 of them!) in hand in less than a week. They are every bit as beautiful as the photos on the site and the engraving makes them all the more special.

Elaine Nasta

Thank you very much the shot glasses turned out better than expected, I'm sure they will love them. I really appreciate you taking the time to get a better idea of what I was looking for and I will definitely recommend them to others. Thank You!!


I received the other U S Marshal coin today.It's as perfect as the first. Excellent quality! I just wanted to thank you for the quality of the coins and quality of service you provided me as a buyer! I wanted also to give you a heartfelt thanks for your service to our country.Sometimes we take for granted what we have as Americans and sadly, those that have made it possible,through their service and sacrifice for us to live with the many freedoms we enjoy. Thank you and God bless you!!!!


While part of an international law enforcement task force comprised of federal agents, I was assigned to a military base in Iraq. My colleagues and I decided to get patches and coins made up for our group. We wanted to use the patches and coins to thank the people who serve our country and help us accomplish our mission. Jerry worked with our group and assisted us in our design. We ordered both patches and coins. The results exceeed our expectations at a lesser cost than we thought possible. We had our agencies' badges on one side of the coin and the results were stunning: the badges were perfect in every aspect! The detail in the patches was just as superb. We are impresses by Jerry's commitment to customer service and his dedication to providing a quality product. We are proud of our work and proud to be able to say thank you with such high quality patches and coins. If you want an item you are proud to own/give, at a price you can afford, use Jerry and Dirigo Coins.

Julia C. Jensen

Mr. Erbes has created an outstanding coin display with quality craftsmanship that any Chief would be proud to show off.

BUC (SCW) Lynn E Marlatt

On my last deployment to Iraq, I was on a Military Transition Team (MiTT) in Northern Iraq. We had a medic attached with us who could draw and designed our logo for our team, yet we never got a coin. After I returned to Iraq this year, I was introduced to Jerry through a mutual friend who ordered our International Contract Corruption Task Force (ICCTF) coins. Jerry did an amazing job with my logo I had and helped me design an outstanding coin for my old team which I can now provide to them to commemorate our tour. Thanks Jerry for everything and I highly recommend Dirigo Coins to anyone who wants a excellent quality coin, quickly.

Thanks from Bradley C. Thomas
International Contract Corruption Task Force (ICCTF),
Baghdad, Iraq

Just wanted to drop a line and tell you that the coins turned out...for lack of better terminology...exactly what I asked for, but better than I expected. I gave you designs that were complex, asked you to design the bottle opener feature, and to shove it all into one package was amazing. Now my family and coworkers have them on their keychains, at their desks and even on displays at home. I will add that the 3D etching was amazing, fully detailed, and I'm sure everyone appreciated that. These things are not the least bit dull. I really appreciate what you did, working the design up for me, and will definitely be back for more orders.

Brandon Keel

The coins are nothing short of spectacular. I am so excited to show them off tomorrow as we hand them out to our guests. Here's what I wrote about them in our program:

"The military has a tradition known as "challenge coins". The origins are debatable, but they are an active part of today"s military. Today, challenge coins are given to members upon joining an organization as well as given to commemorate special occasions. While you are not technically joining an organization, we definitely consider each of you part of our family, our organization. And obviously, we consider this day a very special occasion. There is a particular way they are supposed to be given; so, at the pub, we would like to thank each one of you for coming on this special day by presenting you with one of our family coins."

I really appreciate the beautiful display box you sent as well. It's been with our family pictures since the day it arrived! If I ever hear of anyone needing a coin, I will jump at the opportunity to pass along your information.

Please feel free to pass along my information to anyone who might need a referral. You are a generous, trustworthy bussinessman and I sincerely appreciate your hardwork and artistry.

In deepest gratitude,
Mary Meacham

I first made contact with dirigo-coins.com a couple months ago when I bought a few military challenge coins that I found for sale on eBay. The coins were very reasonably priced and arrived very quickly and included a business card stating everything that dirigo-coins.com. could do. Well, all of the items that this company could do interested me and the fact that the owner, Jerry Erbes, could do glass etching on glassware with no minimums put my mind in motion.

Over the next few weeks, I had some conversations with Jerry, both by e-mail and phone. I asked him again if there was a minimum on the amount of glassware that had to be purchased in order for him to etching for me. He stated again there was no minimum. I told him that I wanted 4 beer steins and 4 shot glasses with the patch of the Department I work for etched on the glassware. I then asked Jerry if he wanted me to send him a patch so he could have a pattern to work from. Surprisingly, his response was no. He told me just to take some photos and maybe some scans of the patch and that would be all he needed. Needless to say, I was a little bit skeptical that he would be able to pull this off with the correct dimensions and make this look correct. He assured me not to worry and I would be very satisfied with the finished product and if not, we would work it out to make me, the customer happy. In about 2 weeks, I received a package that contained 4 large beer steins and 4 shot glasses that amazingly were etched dead on to the patch, its dimensions, and were beautiful. Jerry did not just e-mail me to see if I was satisfied with the finished product, he called on the phone to make sure. That is what I call customer service.

From that point on a few months back, dirigo-coins and I have worked on several more projects together that I have been very satisfied with. I had wanted to have some Challenge Coins made for my Department and my wife’s Department and throughout the entire process, together, I think we produced 2 of the most beautiful and creative Fire and Rescue Challenge Coins out there. Jerry made many suggestions as to how to improve each coin, some of which were used and some which were not. Jerry was just trying to put the best product out there for the customer for best price. I also have utilized dirigo-coins to make some patches for me and the quality of the patches is again top notch. You cannot find a better patch dealer in the market.

I purposely have not talked about the prices he charges for the products dirigo-coins makes. The prices that this company charges cannot be beat by any other company that does so many items. Trust me, I did a lot of research and found a few companies who would charge me less for each coin or patch that was made, but I am certain the quality would be nowhere near what dirigo-coins would provide. And I can guarantee you the customer service would not equal what you would get by dealing with Jerry. Overall, the pricing is very competitive and remember you get what you pay for!

In summary, I have created a business relationship with dirigo-coins that I hope will last for a long time. The owner, Jerry Erbes, will go out of his way to make sure you are happy with the product he delivers and if you are not, he will fix it. There is no other company out there that does so much so well. That pretty much sums it up!

Brady Grim

Our Chief Petty Officer Association ordered 250 custom engraved wine glasses for the Navy Ball. They turned out beautiful and loved by everyone. Dirigo Coins did a great job on the glasses. Jerry was easy to communicate and work with. We will absolutely use them again.


LSCS(SS/SW) John Pritt Mechanicsburg CPOA President